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RES Workspace Manager Feature Request excluding individual files from logging

Posted in RES User Workspace Manager with tags , , on November 29, 2011 by uniekdevries

I noticed that the User Workspace Manager database kept growing while I did several actions to reduce the database. When I executed a query to see the Top 1000 rows I saw that one process was logged repeatedly. 

In the RES User Workspace Manager console I saw that this process was logged under the section Removable Disks. It was caused by the Encrypted SafeBoot USB device which is the company default. The encryption and decryption actions apparently caused a lot log entries. Connecting the device without any additional action generates a couple of hundred log entries. No wonder the Log table grows rapidly. 

To succesfully use the Encrypted USB Storage device we authorized some files.   

Authorized Files

Authorized Files

Unfortunately the authorized files are also logged as a security event while this isn’t actually the case. I contacted the Support Desk from RES and they comfirmed that you can’t exclude individual files from logging and that it would be a nice feature if you could excluded files, especially authorized files.

So I submitted a feature request for excluding individual files from logging.


Roaming profiles not deleted when logging off Citrix session

Posted in Citrix, vmware, Windows 2008 with tags , , , on November 7, 2011 by uniekdevries

When you have configured in a GPO that cached copies of roaming profiles should be deleted when logging off then you may notice that this setting doesn’t work because there is some process that prevents deleting the profile from the server.

When you troubleshoot the problem with a tool like Proces Explorer you find out that a file named hgfs.dat is still in use. If this is the case follow the steps explained in this blog.

Jason thanks for your advice!




How TCP/IP Works

Posted in Networking with tags on November 6, 2011 by uniekdevries

Have fun and learn about TCP/IP. Every now and then I like watching this movie. It’s really great work and very informative.

Best practise: How to preserve Outlook signature and additonal mailboxes with RES User Workspace Manager?

Posted in Citrix, RES User Workspace Manager, Windows 2008, Windows 7 with tags , , , on November 6, 2011 by uniekdevries

When using the predefined settings of the Outlook template in RES User Workspace Manager (zero profiling) the outlook signature and additonal mailbox settings are not saved to the users homefolder. So if you want to preserve this settings to, you have to add the following keys:

Additional Outlook settings

Additional Outlook settings

In our environment we use this setting to roam between Windows 7 and Windows 2008 (Citrix). Both Workspaces have their own Windows profile. This feature helps us “synchronizing” important user settings.