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Possibilty to clear individual log entries in RES Workspace Manager

Posted in RES User Workspace Manager with tags , on August 15, 2014 by uniekdevries

There’s no way to delete individual log entries in the error log. It would be a nice feauture. In my case I want to clean up those entries I solved. There is also one log entry of an agent dated in the year 6273 ūüėČ … Unless I clean everything theres no easy way (as far as I know) to delete this entry.

I posted the idea in RES Uservoice…. Maybe in the next Service Release?


Best practise: How to open Internet Explorer shortcut in new tab with RES User Workspace Manager

Posted in Internet Explorer, RES User Workspace Manager, Uncategorized, Windows 2008, Windows 7, XenApp with tags , , , , on January 31, 2012 by uniekdevries

One of our customers asked me if it was possible to automatically open two websites (Managed Applications) in two different tabs when logging on.

Because every application has it’s own Application ID, pwrgate.exe starts a new instance of the application, even though the Internet Explorer is already active.

Since there is no commandline option to open a url in a new tab (unlike Firefox; firefox.exe -new-tab <url>), starting iexplore.exe is no option. Eventually RES Support came with the solution, When starting the url directly from the command prompt, Internet Explorer opens the website in a new tab.

Remember to change the shortcut icon when presenting the new application.

“c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c start;



RES User Workspace Manager: Browsing to a printer device triggers Windows driver installation request

Posted in RES User Workspace Manager, Uncategorized, Windows 2008 with tags , , on December 30, 2011 by uniekdevries

Yesterday I wanted to add a printer device to the RES User Workspace Manager console. I noticed that Windows was asking for the printer driver. I was confused by this because I did not expect this popup. And as far I know Workspace Manager does not distribute printdrivers. I contacted the Support Desk. Apperentlty browsing to a printer device triggers the driver installation request wizard. This is incorrect behaviour. To workarround the problem is to cut and paste the printername directly in the printer field.

RES Workspace Manager 2010 sr5, Windows 2008 R2

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RES Powerfuse Shell in combination with Aero look

Posted in RES User Workspace Manager, Windows 7 with tags , , , , on December 12, 2011 by uniekdevries

It is possible to combine the RES Powerfuse shell with the Windows 7 Aero look. Although it is not supported by RES Support it works pretty fine. Actually it would be a great feature if RES would support it. I think it is a good combination of user functionality and manageability.

By accident I found out that if you have roaming profiles and you log on to a Windows 7 machine without RES User Workspace Manager installed / enabled, then the first time you log on back again to your original computer the Aero look is enabled. It is even possible to switch programs by using the Windows key + Tab

The only thing I know so far that does not work is the Show Desktop button next to the Start button.

I submitted a Feature Request so I hope this request will be approved. I’m not the only one who thinks it would be a nice feature.¬† also thinks it would be a great feature because it fits in the philosophy of RES software.

Start command prompt in administrator mode directly from Startmenu with Powerfuse shell

Posted in RES User Workspace Manager, Uncategorized, Windows 7 with tags , , on December 2, 2011 by uniekdevries

If you have configured the Powerfuse shell and UAC (User Account Control) is enabled, then you probably have the problem that there is no easy way to start the command promt in Adminstrator mode because you cannot rightclick on the shortcut in the Startmenu.

I did not find an option in the User Workspace Management Console to solve this problem. So I made an application entry in the Startmenu that points to a shortcut of cmd.exe.¬†In the Advanced options of the shortcut¬†I selected the option “Run as Administrator”.

I agree with you that this is not a difficult problem but still it took me some time to find the solution.

This is what I did:

Rightclick on cmd.exe and create a shortcut.

Open the properties of the shortcut and choose “Advanced”.¬†

Select “Run as Administrator” and click on OK.

Rightclick the shortcut (+ Shift key) and choose “Copy as Path”¬†

In the User Workspace Management Console create a new Startmenu item and paste the path in the Command line field.

Based on Res Userworkspace Manager 2010 SR2, Windows 7 with Powerfuseshell enabled.

RES Workspace Manager Feature Request excluding individual files from logging

Posted in RES User Workspace Manager with tags , , on November 29, 2011 by uniekdevries

I noticed that the User Workspace Manager database kept growing while I did several actions to reduce the database. When I executed a query to see the Top 1000 rows I saw that one process was logged repeatedly. 

In the RES User Workspace Manager console I saw that this process was logged under the section Removable Disks. It was caused by the Encrypted SafeBoot USB device which is the company default. The encryption and decryption actions apparently caused a lot log entries. Connecting the device without any additional action generates a couple of hundred log entries. No wonder the Log table grows rapidly. 

To succesfully use the Encrypted USB Storage device we authorized some files.   

Authorized Files

Authorized Files

Unfortunately the authorized files are also logged as a security event while this isn’t actually the case. I contacted the Support Desk from RES and they comfirmed that you can’t exclude individual files from logging and that it would be a nice feature if you could excluded files, especially authorized files.

So I submitted a feature request for excluding individual files from logging.

Best practise: How to preserve Outlook signature and additonal mailboxes with RES User Workspace Manager?

Posted in Citrix, RES User Workspace Manager, Windows 2008, Windows 7 with tags , , , on November 6, 2011 by uniekdevries

When using the predefined settings of the Outlook template in RES User Workspace Manager (zero profiling) the outlook signature and additonal mailbox settings are not saved to the users homefolder. So if you want to preserve this settings to, you have to add the following keys:

Additional Outlook settings

Additional Outlook settings

In our environment we use this setting to roam between Windows 7 and Windows 2008 (Citrix). Both Workspaces have their own Windows profile. This feature helps us “synchronizing” important user settings.