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Outlook 2010 crashes when scrolling free/busy times on Windows 2008 server based XenApp 5.0 environment

Posted in Citrix, Outlook 2010, Windows 2008, XenApp with tags , , , on January 25, 2012 by uniekdevries

We have installed Outlook 2010 in a XenApp 5.0 environment in combination with Windows 2008 server. When users open an meeting  and open the free busy scheduling view, and scroll in the calendar, Outlook crashes. In the detailed information you can see the gdiplus.dll is involved.

Research learns that there are a lot issues with the gdiplus.dll and that it can be resolved by installing a hotfix.

On the Citrix forum you can find the following threat

Although the symptoms are different we solved the problem by installing  the hotfix.


Roaming profiles not deleted when logging off Citrix session

Posted in Citrix, vmware, Windows 2008 with tags , , , on November 7, 2011 by uniekdevries

When you have configured in a GPO that cached copies of roaming profiles should be deleted when logging off then you may notice that this setting doesn’t work because there is some process that prevents deleting the profile from the server.

When you troubleshoot the problem with a tool like Proces Explorer you find out that a file named hgfs.dat is still in use. If this is the case follow the steps explained in this blog.

Jason thanks for your advice!




Citrix Access Management console keeps loading when launched

Posted in Citrix, XenApp with tags , , on June 24, 2011 by uniekdevries

Before you start the Citrix XenApp Access Management Console you have to configure the proxyserver first. Otherwise the Access Management Console keeps loading when you start the application. It has something to do with checking the certificate CRL. You could also disable CRL checking in Internet Explorer.

Citrix Webinterface 5.4 does not work in a frame.

Posted in Citrix, XenApp with tags , , , on June 24, 2011 by uniekdevries

When you have installed the Citrix Webinterface 5.4 and you have integrated it as a frame in a website, you get an error (“Resource shortcuts are currently disabled.”) when you start a Published Desktop. When you launch the same application from a site without frames (“full screen”) it starts without any error. Research learned that the solution in this discussion might solve the problem.

I tested the solution but it didn’t work for me. I must admit that i didn’t reregistered the dll’s so maybe that is an additional step in the described solution. To workarround the problem we redesigned our front webportal.

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