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Teams based on IP address rule does not contain expected agents

Posted in RES Automation Manager, Uncategorized with tags on April 3, 2012 by uniekdevries

In RES Automation Manager I create teams based on IP address rules. But not all the agents I expected where member of the team. I used he following rule:



All the expressions need to be true.

Contacting support learned that if I wanted to know the number of computers on an given subnet, I better could use:

LIKE 192.168.1.*


Best practise: Identification method RES Automation Manager

Posted in RES Automation Manager, Windows 7 with tags , on August 24, 2011 by uniekdevries

The default identification method for a new agent in RES Automation Manager is default set to “Unique GUID generated by RES Automation Manager”. This means when you reinstall a workstation, the workstation is added again to the database. The computername is identical only the GUID is different.

RES Automation Manager identification method 1

This is not practical when you want to schedule a job (for example the base layer) to the workstation, especially when the agent is offline. The only way to find out for which agent you have to schedule the job is to look at the “Last contact’ date. Besides this practical issue you also have to clean up the database on a regular base to keep track.

Therefore it is a better option to change the indentification method to “MAC address of the first enabled network interface card”.

RES Automation Manager identification 2

Now when you reinstall a workstation or a testmachine the agent is not registered a second time in the database. It is now possible to schedule a job to the workstation even when you want to reinstall the workstation first.

I think a lot of administrators change this setting to benefit more form the possibilities RES Automation Manager provides.