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How to move Exchange 2010 database log files to other disk?

Posted in Exchange 2010, Windows 2008 with tags , , , , on September 2, 2012 by uniekdevries

We have configured 2 Exchange 2010 servers hosting 4 databases in a DAG. All databases and the log files are on different disks. Because the log disks were to small we decided to move the log files to another disk. The problem is that in a DAG configuration there is no option to move the “database path”. This option is only available after deleting all database copies. Because we didn’t want to remove the database copies we did the following on ALL DAG members:

1. Add the new log disks to the server.
2. Create the same folder structure and set all NTFS permissions.
3. Dismount all databases.
4. Stop all Exchange services.
5. Copy all log files to the new disk.
6. Start all Exchange services
7. Mount all databases

This procedure also works for moving a database to a larger disk.


How to install .Net Framework 3.5 on Windows 2008 R2 server

Posted in Windows 2008 with tags , on April 7, 2012 by uniekdevries

As a prerequisite of Exchange 2010 server I tried to install .Net Framework 3.5 on a Windows 2008 R2 server. So I downloaded the dotnetfx35 executable and started the setup.

The setup failed with the following error:

You must use the Role Management Tool to install …

Research learned that .Net Framework 3.5 is a feature that is already included in Windows 2008 R2. You only have to enable it.

To enable it follow these steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

How to export WSUS Custom Views?

Posted in Windows 2008, Wsus with tags , on August 9, 2011 by uniekdevries

You can export WSUS custom views by copying the wsus mmc file to the mmc directory of the other user. In this way you can share newly created custom views with another administrator.  

The exact lcation is “C:\Users\username\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\MMC”.